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My Story

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By chance, through an acquaintance,  I heard about the Scentsy brand, and once I had looked into the products that were available, I knew that this was an area where not only would I be able to hopefully make my mark, but also be able to enjoy what I do.

I was among the first tranche of consulants to join Scentsy in the UK and that alone was a great incentive to introduce the UK public to the wonderful home fragrance products that were so unusual and new to our country.

Upon joining I just wanted a someone to take some interest, would it be too much to hope for a sale? Maybe two? I wasnt sure what to expect - I loved the products, but would anyone else? I was posting on social media sites, getting my husband to help set up a website and then there was nothing until one day, about a week after I received my first stock order, during the up-tenth nappy change (having twins is double everything!!) of the morning, I saw a message pop up out the corner of my eye on my iPad. Nappies changed..check, vest changed....check, bottles of milk tested....check.....oh what about that message I received over an hour ago!?

That message, was from a potential customer (a patient, potential customer I may add) who was enquiring about one of the Scentsy warmers that she had seen on my website. A potential customer that turned into my first ever customer, and now is one of my most active customers to date.

Fast forward a month and after several sales, I managed to speak to a fellow mum who was showing an interest in starting her own home based business – we spoke about the products, the potential growth and before I knew it, I was not only selling a product from home, but I also had my first team member who had the same enthusiasm for the product that I had then and still have today.

Fast forward once more to the current day and my business is going from strength to strength. I have regular customers, I have new customers, I have a team that are located in all corners of the globe which have come together for our love of the products, I have met some wonderful new people, I have contributed to my family finances and most importantly my business has allowed me to still play a major part in the development of my twin girls by being a stay at home mum.

However, I am not ready to sit back and relax just yet! I have plans and targets in place to ensure that I keep developing my business, more sales (of course!), more team members (hope so!).

My Scentsy Future? my little twincesses are now at school, and I have additional time to dedicate to my Scensty business. I hope to have doubled my sales and team members in that time, and in order to do that I need to stay focused – I am doing this to help pay my bills, save for that dream holiday and also to  leave a legacy for my children to continue the business should they wish.

This is my Scentsy story…..with flexible hours, untapped potential growth, an unsaturated market….. I think it may be time to start writing your own story, starting TODAY!


If you are in the UK, are familiar with the Scentsy products and would like to purchase warmers or wax, I can help!
If you have not experienced a warmer yet and have only seen them in the catalogue, hosting a Scentsy party is one of the best ways to see a range of the Scentsy warmer styles and experience the fragrances first hand. Additionally, when hosting a party, you can get free and half-priced products
For those who are in the Essex area, I can loan you a Scentsy warmer and some Scentsy wax samples to try for a week or two to see how you like it.
I accept payment via paypal, if you contact me I shall arrange this for you. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in buying Scentsy products.


If you are in the UK and would like to join Scentsy, you are in the right place! I am UK based. By joining my team, you will get loads of support and you will be part of a great network. Thousands of women and men are Scentsy consultants in the USA and Canada. If you join now, you will be among the first in the UK with all of the potential that represents! So, if you have ever thought about working for yourself but were daunted by the thought of all that it involved, Scentsy is your solution. They make running your own business a lot simpler and less stressful than doing it alone.

Kind regards

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